Become a football betting expert using Asian Handicap bets

Tuesday , 14 April 2020 , by Motson's Tips

The sports betting world can be very unpredictable. We often see stronger teams or players face teams and players less likely to win in football, tennis, basketball, and many other sports.

Hence, the Asian Handicap was born as a way of providing balance to an uneven match and offering each team equal chances of winning. This popular betting market brings the odds of winning to 50-50 and completely removes the possibility of the outcome being a draw.

In essence, the Asian Handicap market offers an alternative to the straight-forward win, lose or draw bet. You are betting on the margin of victory a team will win or lose by instead of betting on which team or player you think will win or lose.

football asian handicap

Asian Handicap Explained

Asian Handicap Betting, also referred to as AH, involves staking money on the outcome of a sporting event in which a team or a player is given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage before the match begins.

With the draw taken out of play, the Asian Handicap bets offer punters higher chances of making a profit. You may get slightly higher odds looking at the Asian Handicap bets rather than the outright win in the 1X2 market.

The handicapped team gets a certain head start in regards to the favourite. The favourite gets a negative handicap, while the underdog receives a positive handicap.

Imagine a Premier League match between Liverpool and Aston Villa in which the Reds are overwhelming favourites against the Villans.

Liverpool and Aston Villa premier league

The Asian Handicap system evens the match by offering two different odds. Liverpool get a -1 goal handicap and their opponents Aston Villa a handicap of +1 goal.

For example, you back Liverpool on the -1 goal handicap, and they defeat Aston Villa 1-0. In this scenario, you lose your bet, but you get your stake back. If Jürgen Klopp’s men claim the victory by at least 2 goals, you will win your bet.

However, your bet is a winner if you back Aston Villa on the +1 goal handicap.

The plus sign means the underdog has an advantage, while the minus sign leaves the favourite team behind.

Asian Handicap Betting Markets

In football, these advantages can be in multiples of full goals, half goals, or even quarter goals. In other sports, Asian Handicap could be a number of points or a head start of a number of games in a set of tennis.

Asian Handicap Betting Markets

The benefit of including half goals on your Asian Handicap bets is that they completely eliminate the possibility of a draw.

With a half goal handicap, one or another team will always win for your bet to be successful because in a real football match, scoring half a goal is impossible for sure.

Asian Handicap is not limited only to match results as this betting market is frequently used to place bets on total goals, corners, and cards.

Become a football betting expert using Asian Handicap bets

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