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How to Bet on Corners: Actionable Betting Tips

Tuesday , 18 August 2020 , by Motson's Tips

Football is the biggest and the most popular sport on the planet, and betting on it will always be a fun activity for fanatics of the game and punters. There are different types of football bets as you can bet on the result – a win, draw or a loss, the final score, over/under a certain number of goals, as well as who scores the goals – first and last scorer. Plus, there exists a betting market for corners.

Here at, we provide regular football corner accumulator tips, and we are up-to-date with sports news, statistics, and developments to offer accurate corner betting tips and predictions.

Corner betting is a fantastic market for building a smart accumulator, especially on days or weekends, when there are several matches on the calendar. A football corner accumulator bet has the potential for high returns as it gives the punter the chance to multiply the odds across different games.

The corner market

Betting on corners in football is a niche market where you can exploit discrepancies and find value for your bets. This type of betting has become increasingly popular in recent years because it can be extremely profitable for some bettors, who use their knowledge of the game and carefully select matches or teams to place wagers. The corner betting market is a great alternative way to bet on football matches, and with the help of our stats and in-depth analysis, you should be able to gain long-term profit.

How to bet on corners

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The standard betting market for corners involves trying to predict how many there will occur during a football match. It is a cumulative number that includes both teams.

Different types of markets relate to the number of corners in a football match. You can predict either the exact number of them, or whether there will be over or under a certain amount, which team will win more corners, corner handicap betting, first match corner, and many more. These types of bets are offered across all major football tournaments and championships.

Top tips for betting on corner kicks

There are some important aspects and factors to analyse before betting on corners, including:

  • Team news: check the latest news to understand the play style, weaknesses, strengths, and injury status of the teams involved.
  • Statistics: analyse the stats on the number of corners taken in previous games throughout the season.
  • Strategy and game pressure: both influence the number of corners in a football match.

Check the corner statistics

It is always a good idea to analyse and review the past and recent performances of the teams involved when choosing to wager on this market. The stats will help you understand which sides are most likely to win corners and which are most likely to concede them.

Motson and his team follow up-to-date sporting news, especially surrounding injuries and suspensions, to provide trusted corner betting tips.

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Where to bet on corners?

Almost all bookmakers are now offering multiple corners betting markets. Motson’s Tips has partnered up with the best online bookmakers where you can bet on corners. One of them is the reputable Bet365 bookmaker, which is probably the best choice when it comes to betting live.

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Corner Betting FAQs

Can I combine corner bets?

Yes, you can combine multiple corner bets into one accumulator to increase the odds and ensure a massive profit from a low stake. 

Can I bet on the total number of corners in a match?

Sure, you can bet on the total number of corners and several other betting markets.

What does it mean to bet on Over/Under in corners?

The type of bet involves trying to predict how many corners there will be in a football match, usually in an over/under situation.

What are the corner races?

You are backing one of the teams to reach a certain number of corners before the other club.

Can you bet live on the corners of a match?

Of course, many bookmakers offer live betting services when it comes to betting on corners.

Do I have the option to collect early on bets I place on corners?

Yes, some bookmakers offer the option to collect early on your corner bets.

Can you bet on a player scoring a corner goal?

Yes, you can bet on a particular player to score a corner goal.