How to use HT/FT Bets

Tuesday , 14 April 2020 , by Motson's Tips

Football is a popular sport with millions of fans worldwide. The beautiful game offers a lot of opportunities for bettors to make money due to a wide variety of betting markets available.

Half-Time/Full-Time, also referred to as HT/FT, is a popular betting market in the football world. This type of bet is tempting for punters who seek big odds because it can return a huge profit. The betting strategy can extend to other sports, such as hockey, rugby, basketball, and American football.

What are HT/FT bets?

The HT/FT betting market combines the half-time and the full-time bets to create a single one.

As the name suggests, betting on half-time/full-time requires you to guess what the outcome of a game will be at the 45-minute mark as well as at the final whistle.

The half-time/full-time bets cover just the 90 minutes of play. The extra-time and penalty shoot-outs do not count.

How to use HT/FT bets?

Firstly, you need to correctly predict what the situation of the match will be at half-time. For instance, you have to decide whether the home team will lead, the away team will be ahead on goals or will it be a tie.

Secondly, you must select the outcome of the match in terms of a draw, home win or away win.

The HT/FT bet is successful only if you guess the exact result of a sporting event at both half time and full time.

The betting experts analyse

Where to find HT/FT predictions?

Several sports betting sites provide predictions for the half-time/full-time market. Motson’s Tips is one of the very best of them.

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The betting experts analyse the teams involved in a match. They take an in-depth look at the recent home and away form, previous results, team news, lineups, and injured players. Therefore, the tipsters bring you free betting tips and predictions. Their goal is to help you increase your chances of winning.

Where to place HT/FT bets?

Nowadays, nearly all bookies offer HT/FT betting markets. However, you should choose a bookmaker that offers competitive odds and attractive betting offers.

Fortunately, Motson’s Tips works closely with the best bookmakers to make sure you place your bets in a safe and secure environment. These bookies are highly reliable and they feature a range of different sports and betting markets.

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Possible Outcomes

There are nine possible outcomes of half-time/full-time bets that can happen on a given match. The combinations you can bet on are as follows:

  • 1/1 – the home team leads at half-time and wins the match
  • X/1 – the half-time ends in a draw, but the home team is the winner of the match
  • 2/1 – the away team leads at half-time, but the match ends with a victory of the home team
  • 1/X – home team leads at half-time, but the match ends in a draw
  • X/X – both halves end in a draw
  • 2/X – the away team leads at half-time, but the match ends in a draw
  • 1/2 – the home team leads at half-time, but the away team claims the win
  • X/2 – the half-time ends in a draw, but the away team secures the win
  • 2/2 – the away team leads at half-time and wins the match

Let’s take, for example, a Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool FC. If the Citizens took the lead in the first half, but Jurgen Klopp’s men managed to equalize in the second half, then the winning bet of the day would look like this: Half-Time Manchester City, Full-Time Draw – 1/X.

Final Thoughts

The half-time/full time betting market provides fantastic odds. Rather than choosing the winner of the game, you can bet on a dominant team to lead in both halves.

We highly suggest you use our free betting tips to boost your bankroll!

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